Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anja Rubik's stance

In an interview with Frockwriter, Polish model Anja Rubik who recently appeared in the 2011 Pirelli calendar lensed by Karl Lagerfeld, reveals how she turned down the opportunity to model for the 2010 edition primarily because it was being photographed by Terry Richardson. 

The Polish model who is currently ranked at position number three on the list of Top 50 models, reveals that she had turned down the dream assignment the previous year because "I knew he (Richardson) would, like, push the borders and you know, I was afraid of how far they were going to be pushed and if I'm going to feel comfortable. The worst thing is to go somewhere to a shoot and be there and feel uncomfortable. Because, first of all, it's bad for me, it's bad for him, it just creates a really bad atmosphere."

Rubik who has been photographed previously numerous times by Richardson, adds as a counterpoint  to the past allegations of sexual misconduct towards models by Richardson that "I've shot with him (Richardson) many times. And I think he's great. I never felt uncomfortable, I never thought he pushed me into anything. I think if a girl, like, leaves her green light that she's open to doing different things, he maybe pushes the boundaries." 

Rubik's modus operandi appears to stem from her stance against full frontal nudity. "I was never shot actually nude before. Well I did do topless, but I had never done full-on nude. You say no, I guess. It's a very individual thing." The decision to turn down Pirelli's 2010 offer was "only because I know he (Richardson) would push it a little bit more, in a way that would be very naked and I know that I wouldn't go there probably. So that's why it was stupid to accept the challenge because I thought I wouldn't be capable. And you it's going to come out, because he has a very different take of that, a little bit more on the edge of, you know, I don't want to say vulgar but on the very, very slight edge of it."

Rubik however jumped at the opportunity to model for the 2011 Pirelli calendar when she discovered that Karl Lagerfeld would be on board. "I just thought, you know, he's a genius and I knew the way he would shoot a woman would be in the form of art, it would be very beautiful and very tasteful." 

Man about town Fall/Winter
Photographer -  Camilla Akrans

Pirelli Calendar 2011
Photographer - Karl Lagerfeld

Paris Vogue - June 2009
Photographer - Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

Purple Fall/Winter 2010
Photographer - Glen Luchford

Photos from the making of the Pirelli Calendar 2010
Photographer - Terry Richardson
Source -

Ana Beatriz Barros
Pirelli Calendar 2010
Photographer - Terry Richardson

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