Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still Super

An exhibition featuring the Supermodels of the 70s and 80s is due to open on the 28th of January at the Steven Kasher Gallery in New York. The exhibition features ten portraits of legendary supermodels shot by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. The images of models; Christie Brinkley, Carol Alt, Cheryl Tiegs, Lisa Taylor, Beverly Johnson, and Nancy Donahue amongst others, were taken in 2009 whilst Greenfield-Sanders was working on a project for Vanity Fair magazine.

In an interview for, Greenfield-Sanders pays tribute, "These women, now in their fifties, were once the reigning queens of American beauty. As ultimate icons of world-wide marketing, I knew their stories would be extraordinary, and I wanted to hear what they had to say." By photographing these icons of beauty, Greenfield-Sanders hopes to draw attention to "how we deal with ageing in our hopelessly youth oriented society."

The portraits of some of modelling's most famous faces, provide a moment to reflect on our perceptions of beauty and the ageing process, and illustrate that the two need not be mutually exclusive. 

Lisa Taylor

Christie Brinkley

Beverly Johnson

Kim Alexis

Cheryl Tiegs

Carol Alt

Karen Bjornson


Nancy Donahue

Dayle Haddon
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  1. This is very nice to see. Familiar faces from fashion past.

  2. The true top models..illustrating the beauty of wisdom!

  3. Thanks Julietta, so happy to hear from you and congrats on your nuptials. All the best, N xo.

  4. No Photoshop here. I went to the opening. The girls looked better in person. However, they are great portraits and character studies. Now a documentary is coming out, I believe. Should be very interesting.

  5. Linda, I love all of the models from this era. It's a shame that many of their achievements and contributions to the modelling industry have been overlooked. Hopefully that will change with Timothy Greenfield Sanders new documentary.