Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Ultimate Russh

I have been based in Berlin for six months, having moved here from the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia in July 2010. My first  two thoughts upon arriving in Berlin were, "I hope I will be able to cope with the arduous winter here and secondly, will I be able to find my favourite glossies in order to get my much needed fix of fashion and models." 

Berlin is an international city and an epicentre of creativity for artists, writers and anyone seeking a level of self-expression. I was delighted therefore to find that not only were my much loved American and European magazines readily available but so was the ultra-cool Russh Magazine from my hometown.

Russh Magazine was created in September 2004 and is published bi-monthly. The magazine has a strong emphasis on personal style with a distinctly Australian flavour which is endearing, intriguing and honest. What I love most about Russh, is that the editorial content and cover shots are always original, unpredictable and innovative. This little Aussie hipster publication stays true to it's roots but is clearly international in it's mindset. Russh features only the top tier models from around the globe in  homegrown and international fashions. The styling and concepts of the editorials are exciting and fresh and do not follow a set formulaic approach. 

In the words of Russh editor Stevie Dance, "Russh, she is the mystery girl you want to befriend but are just a tad intimidated by. That is, until you realise that she is just as dorky as you, in the coolest kind of way."

Russh - February/March 2011
Model - Delfine Bafort
Photographer - Will Davidson

Russh - August/September 2011
Model - Alessandra Ambrosio
Photographer - Will Davidson

Russh - October/November 2009
Model - Daul Kim RIP
Photographer - Beau Grealy

Russh - June/July 2009
Models - Ieva Laguna & Tony Ward
Photographer - Will Davidson

Russh - December/January 2011
Model - Eniko Mihalik
Photographer - Benny Horne

Russh - October/November 2010
Model - Ashely Smith
Photographer - Will Davidson

Russh - May/June 2009
Model - Constance Jablonski
Photographer - Benny Horne

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