Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New York State of Mind

I am currently soaking up the sights and sounds of New York and my love affair with this city continues. This is my seventh visit to the Big Apple and every visit I find myself in awe of this city and its inhabitants. What I love about New York is the tremendous diversity of cultures that is evident as you walk down the street. New York embraces individuality and self-expression, and it appears that the more unique you are the more embraced you are. Another major attraction is the fact that New York is the epicentre of the modelling world and with that comes a startling array of beautiful people. In a city where good looks are a dime a dozen, it is a person's individual sense of style and personality which enables one to stand out amidst the sea of pretty faces. One model who delivers on both fronts is Puerto Rican-native Joan Smalls. Smalls is one of the most delightful, articulate and engaging modelling personalities working today, and in addition she also possesses an innate sense of style that is always en-pointe, elegant and camera-ready. I ♥ New York and I ♥ Joan Smalls!

The Last Magazine - S/S 2011
Photographer - Maciek Kobielski

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