Friday, September 2, 2011

Imperfect Beauty

Often times some of the most stunning models fail to ignite or reach their full potential because they are held back by their looks and lack of versatility. Toni Garrn is a classic example of a model who runs the risk of falling into the "all too beautiful" category. I had almost given up on Garrn when I stumbled across Numero's Sean & Seng editorial featuring the German beauty. Sporting a short bob, bleached eye brows and a new brazen attitude, Garrn lights up Sean & Seng's lens with an intoxicating mix of allure and danger. For the first time Garrn is not overshadowed by her impeccable beauty and instead she exhibits a depth of emotion and expression in her face and eyes. The combination of strength, masculinity and sexiness in Garrn's poses has reignited my interest in one of modelling's most beautiful faces.

Toni Garrn
Numero - August 2011
Photographer - Sean & Seng
Styling - Franck Benhamou
Source -

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