Monday, September 12, 2011

New Kids On the Block

The folks over at COACD have been working around the clock in the lead up to New York Fashion Week sifting through the new faces on offer for this season. Judging by the polaroids featured on COACD's twitter page from castings held over the past month, the competition will be extreme with exciting  modelling prospects heralding from the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, China, France, Brazil, Trinidad and the USA. The new girls this season have a distinctly United Nations vibe, with "good old fashioned - pretty" being the common denominator. Whether it be the va-va-voom allure of Portuguese bombshell Sara Sampaio or the Parisian chic of Vitoria Tuaz and the all-American wholesome looks of Josilyn Williams, what all of these girls possess is a commercial appeal and accessibility which casting agents will no doubt be tapping into to help put a smile on consumer's faces.

Victoria Tuaz - France

Heleen - The Netherlands

Varsha Thapa - Nepal

Annemara Post - the Netherlands

Marihenny Passible - the Dominican Republic

Shiyu Liao - China

Marleen - the Netherlands

Hind Sahli - Morrocco

Cris Urena - USA

Josilyn Williams - USA

Sara Sampaio - Portugal

Chrishell Stubbs - Turks & Caicos

Crystal Noreiga - Trinidad

Amanda Schmidt - USA

Greylin Quelliz - the Dominican Republic
All images courtesy of COACD

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