Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seal Of Approval

Barney's Fall/Winter 2011 Campaign receives the midas touch courtesy of styling by former Paris Vogue Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld. The campaign features an eclectic cast of women handpicked by Roitfeld from her favourite models, co-workers, friends and family. Amongst the chosen few are models Joan Smalls, Daphne Groeneveld, Saskia de Brauw, Fei Fei Sun, Malgosia Bela, Crystal Renn, Carolyn Murphy and Naomi Campbell. The images lensed by photographer Mario Sorrenti are accompanied by quotes penned by Roitfeld celebrating the unique and alluring qualities of each model.

Fei Fei Sun

"I find Chinese women exquisite. I had never worked with Fei Fei before, and I found her absolutely ravishing. She has the grace of a child, she is bewitching, like a fairy tale."

Jessica Hart

"Jessica is the Australian girlfriend of my son Vladmir's best friend. So pretty, natural, and elegant. She's got a spontaneous, sporty allure and she's always smiling."

Saskia de Brauw

"I met Saskia at a Givenchy runway show and hired her immediately. She is an exceptional model and I put her on my final issue of Vogue."

Crystal Renn

"I have worked with Crystal before, when she was more full-figured and voluptuous. I think there are all types of beauty, and have always liked very curvy women - maybe because I am very skinny myself. But even now, slimmed down, she's still magnificent."
Joan Smalls

"Joan has a tremendous natural beauty and carries with her the feeling of her native Puerto Rico. I always knew she would be a very big star."

Izabel Goulart

"Izabel, a Brazilian, is one of my most recent discoveries. She is a very, very beautiful girl that I first saw at a Victoria's Secret runway show."

Carolyn Murphy

 "I have worked with Carolyn many times, often along with Mario Testino, and we really trust each other. She doesn't seem like a typical model - she looks so marvellous, but is also somehow approachable. You see her and you want to look like her."

Malgosia Bela

"Malgosia is one of those rare models that really understands photography, and will do anything to get a good photo. She's very intelligent and we've worked together many times. Once, we partnered with artist Taryn Simon to shoot her nude in a Japanese restaurant with sushi on top of her."

Daphne Groeneveld

"Daphne is the youngest of all the models featured here. I put her on her first magazine cover with Tom Ford. I find her incredible with her innate kindness and that enormous mouth. She has an unusual strange beauty. For me, she's like a new Lara Stone."

Naomi Campbell
Barneys F/W 2011
Stylist - Carine Roitfeld
Photographer - Mario Sorrenti
Source -

"I met Naomi 25 years ago at the beginning of her career and worked with her often. She is of course a legendary model and an icon, but one thing that people don't know about her is that she has a very big heart."

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