Friday, January 27, 2012

Second Glance

One of the aspects that I enjoy most about compiling this blog is that I get the chance to profile models whose work I admire and that perhaps have been overlooked in the fashion industry. Twenty-three year old Dutch model Marloes Horst is a perfect case in point. Originally discovered in 2007, Horst was catapulted into the modelling's major league when she was cast in the Spring/Summer 2009 Prada show alongside a slew of Dutch models including Bette Franke, Ymre Stiekema, Cato Van Ee and Lara Stone. A deluge of bookings followed including campaigns for Valentino fragrance, Sportmax Code, Iceberg, and editorial appearances in Dazed & Confused, V magazine, Vogue Russia, and the Italian editions of Elle, Flair, Amica, and Marie Claire.

Marloes Horst
Photographer - Dan Martensen
Source -

More than meets the eye
Free People - S/S 2010
Photographer - Thomas Wolfe Northcut
Source -

Horst's classic blue-eyed, blonde, bombshell looks and va-va-voom physique should have played to her advantage but instead she found herself reluctantly cast in the ilk of a commercial model, more suited to lingerie and swimsuit clients. The buzz surrounding Horst gradually dissipated and she was no longer as sought after on the international show circuit nor for high fashion editorial work. Realising that Horst's modelling options had stalled, her management team at Next Models went into overdrive to strategically reposition the budding model on the market by paring back her bookings and through careful selection of the types of jobs that she would take on. 

Harpers Bazaar Australia - March 2012
Photographer - Will Davidson
Source -

Australian Vogue - February 2012
Photographer - Nicole Bentley
Source -

W Magazine - June 2011
Photographer - Santiago Sierra
Source -

Allure - June 2011
Photographer - Nicholas Moore
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The past twelve months have played witness to Horst displaying a stunning versatility in editorials for a diverse range of publications including W, Intermission, Muse, French Revue de Modes, Dazed & Confused, Allure, US Glamour, and the Australian, Mexican and Spanish editions of Vogue. Don't get me wrong, Horst is still capable of donning a swimsuit with her trademark sex appeal, the difference now though is that she does so with a high fashion slant. In an interview with Horst reveals that, "The agency always tells what kind of jobs I'm on option for and they advise me. You talk about what way you and your agency want to present and push you. Every model has her own road to take."  With lucrative bookings for the likes of Victoria's Secret, Pirelli Calendar, Calvin Klein Swimwear and Sisley, Horst is well and truly back in the winner's circle.

Dazed & Confused - September 2011
Photographer - Kacper Kasprzyk
Source -

Marlon Texeira & Marloes Horst
Vogue Espana - December 2011
Photographer - Bruce Weber
Source -

Intermission - Fall/Winter 2011
Photographer - Patrick Selstedt
Source -

Vogue Australia - February 2012
Photographer - Nicole Bentley
Source -

French Revue de Modes - Fall/Winter 2011
Photographer - Thierry Le Goues
Source -

Sisley Campaign  - S/S 2011
Photographer - Terry Richardson
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Calvin Klein Swimwear - S/S 2011
Photographer - Sebastian Kim
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  1. There's a stunning video of her on Warwick Saint's website. Even if she's going high fashion, I'd still hope there's a chance she could be a Sports Illustrated girl someday.

  2. Thanks for your tip on the video, will check it out. I agree, Marloes would be exceptional as a Sports Illustrated cover model, she needs to fulfil her potential though as a model though before heading down that route. Only two more weeks or so until the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Who's your pick for this years cover girl?

  3. I have no idea this year lol. I wonder if it's Anne's turn, but she's always struck me as more of an inside girl, like Kim Alexis and Stacey Williams were. Still, her increased profile from being with Adam Levine can't hurt. I haven't seen a picture of Chrissy Teigen yet that makes me think she's a cover girl, but I wouldn't be surprised. Kate Upton is bound to be a cover girl, but I think it's a year or two too early for that. If Brooklyn or Bar are back I'd say it would be theirs. Wouldn't mind Cintia, but i'm not even sure she shot this year. Didn't see any pix on the twitter feed that looked like it might be her. You have any scoop on who is in the issue this year?

  4. I have every Swimsuit Issue dating back to 1978 so have been a fan for a long time especially when Jule Campbell was at the helm. Here are my predictions for 2012.

    Cover candidates - Hilary Rhoda, Chrissy Teigen or Anne Vyalitsyna
    Returning models - Hilary Rhoda, Chrissy Teigen, Anne Vyalitsyna, Bar Refaeli, Brooklyn Decker, Irina Shayk, Esti Ginzburg, Julie Henderson, Jessica White, Izabel Goulart, Alyssa Miller, and Kate Upton (12 models in total).
    Dropped - Damaris Lewis, Cintia Dicker, Kenza Fourati, Jessica Gomes, Genevieve Morton and Shannon Click.
    Look out for a post on possible rookies some time next week!

  5. That's too funny - 1978 is the first issue I own as well. Nothing beats the Campbell era. The pictures used to be special. The combination of model, swimsuit, and setting. Now they're just pictures of girls on a beach. But I still look forward to it every year.

    Are you sure about who's back and who's not? The Sydney paper had Jessica Gomes posing in the pix taken in Australia. And it looked like Genevieve Morton's body in on of the headless preview pictures they put up on facebook. Would be happy if Hilary Rhoda was back, but read one mention on that called her a former SI model so I wondered. And in a blast from 2009, I saw that Ariel Meredith worked an SI function with Chrissy Teigen recently. Would think that's a pretty good indication that she might be back in the issue.

  6. Unfortunately these are just my 2012 predictions. I couldn't agree more, the Campbell era was simply amazing. Paulina Porizkova, Kim Alexis, Cheryl Tiegs, Kelly Emberg, Carol Alt, Christie Brinkley, Stephanie Seymour, Kathy Ireland, Karen Alexander, Estelle LeFebure, Renee Simonsen, Elle MacPherson, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Karen Mulder, Yasmeen Ghauri, Ashley Richardson, Vendela Kiresbom...all the big name girls wanted to appear in SI. The imagery was stunning, with incredible backdrops and extensive background research done on the locale so that the portfolio of shots were almost like a travel story. I still look forward to SI every year but wish that more bonafide top models would be included. SI needs to drop all of the tacky accessories (necklaces, bracelets and jewellery) and have the models really modelling with more emphasis on athleticism and being outdoors as opposed to just lying on a beach with a bikini top dangling in one hand. Every year has some highlights, personally I'd love to see Ariel Meredith, Jarah Mariano, Tori Praver and Dominique Piek given another shot. Last year some of the girls (no names mentioned) looked untoned and verging on overweight. I'm all for different body types but the models need to be on par with a Victoria's Secret model in order to have any sort of credibility. What are your thoughts and who would you like to see in the issue?

  7. 1982 was the first issue I ever received. Some great pictures in there that gave a sense of Kenya. Last years photos from the Philippines - how would anyone ever know it was the Philippines except for them saying? Jule used to travel around a country. Diane just gets a resort and stays in one place. Maybe the logistics are just too much now with the size of the crew? But it's just not the same. That said, I'll still take Diane over the Elaine Farley era.

    Have you ever gone thru Getty Images and seen some of the unpublished photos on there? There's a striking picture of one of my fav all-time models, Karen Alexander, shot in Thailand. Her gorgeous skin in a white swimsuit, with white fronds or whatever behind her. Stunning. Never would see a pic like that today in the magazine. Don't understand why it wasn't published in 1988. But gorgeous.

    Totally agree with you about all the bangles and baubles. Just a girl in a swimsuit. Would be nice to see some more one-pieces again just for some style interest. There are only so many times can see the same topless shot and pretend to care lol.

    Pretty sure I know who you're talking about as far as untoned. On the other extreme I wish Anne wasn't so completely ripped last year. Just a little softer. Izabel is a bit skinny for my swimsuit taste as well. I thought Kenza and a great torso, but wish the legs looked a little more toned. But I think I'm being too picky. lol

    Former models who I think disappeared too early? Rita Tellone, Kathryn Redding, Karen Alexander, Akure Wall (just one issue?!?!?), Manon von Gerkan, Pania Rose, Carla Campbell, Ana Paula Araujo, and Jessica Hart. I also liked Dominique. Think I preferred her photos in the South African version of SI. Warwick Saint has become my favorite SI photographer in the last few years. Something about his pictures pop, in the S.A. version as well as the U.S. I'm a bit tired of the Mazzuoco extreme close-ups.

    Ok, think I've digressed enough here. lol

  8. I agree completely with your sentiments. I would prefer it if SI would select one location and shoot all of the girls there over a period of a few months. Quality over quantity. I don't see the point in going to all of these amazing locations if they can't even be bothered to make the most of the individual characteristics, landmarks and flora/fauna of those regions. The same goes with the number of models appearing in the issue which should be no more than ten girls, that way it would be more lucrative to actually be selected for the issue.

    As for one piece bathing suits, I really believe that leaving something to the imagination is so much more alluring than heading down the topless FHM route. I also wish that SI would bring back some of the old masters like Paolo Curto, Marc Hispard, Robert Huntziger, Brian Lanker (if they haven't already retired). Jule Campbell left an Amazing legacy and all Diane need to do is to look back at some of the old issue and to make a comparison. I thought the 2010 issue particularly the shoot in the Maldives, was outstanding and more in sync with the SI during Campbell's reign.

    As for body types, I agree that Annne V was very ripped last year but I thought she looked healthy and had an amazing glow to her (it should have been her year to land the cover). Discussing people's bodies is always a controversial topic...I don't mind the models carrying a bit of extra weight or being curvy as long as they are toned and athletic looking. BTW I also thought that Jessica Hart was amazing in her solo appearance in SI in 2009. Cute as a button, quirky and amazing in front of the lens. I also absolutely love Karen Alexander (such an elegant beauty and an amazing woman), I will be doing a post on her shortly. Also, thought I should let you know that SI's Facebook page have just confirmed Ariel Meredith as on the SI's 2012 models!!!! Anyway, I think I have digressed enough for now too ;-)

  9. Can't wait for the Karen Alexander post. Have loved her since the first time I saw her eyes on the cover of Essence magazine. Here's the picture I was talking about above btw:

    And I saw the picture of Ariel. Looks beautiful. Can't wait!!!

    Unfortunately, I think Brian Lanker passed away in the last few years. So has John G. Zimmerman who shot so many times. Loved Hispard's work. Iooss really is the only link to the Campbell era left with the issue.