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Prime Time

Russian-born, German-raised newcomer Kati Nescher is an anomaly in an industry that is fixated on youth. At age twenty-eight, Nescher represents a new breed of model that designers and clients are rhapsodising over. What Nescher and twenty-something models Saskia de Brauw, Aymeline Valade, Marie Piovesan and Arizona Muse, possess is the season's most desirable attributes - maturity and life experience. Nescher, the undisputed face of the recent Fall/Winter 2012 season, trounced her fellow teen compatriots with a staggering 63 show tally. Designers and casting directors alike were unanimous in anointing Nescher fashion's newest darling by selecting her to open and close for twelve and seven shows respectively. 

Prime Time - Kati Nescher
Photographer - Cyrille George Jerusalmi
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Nescher had previously attempted to model with limited success a few years earlier and only decided to give modelling another shot at the suggestion of some make-up artist acquaintances. Speaking with the Cut, Nescher recollects her initial forays into modelling, "I never had a good experience in this business when I was younger. I would try to model locally in Germany before, but things never worked out how I imagined. You can get lost in this business. Luckily, I had already studied at university and had my son. I think it's about being in the right place at the right time with the right people."

Nescher has been modelling for the past ten months whilst juggling parental duties as mother to two year old Theo. Since her explosive Fall/Winter 2012 season, Nescher has appeared in campaigns for Louis Vuitton, McQ and Pringle of Scotland shot by Steven Meisel, David Sims and David Sherry. Blue chip editorial bookings for British Vogue, Paris Vogue, Love, Self Service and Another Magazine suggest that Nescher may be more than just the industry's latest infatuation.

Paris Vogue - March 2012
Photographer - David SIms
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NY Times T Magazine - April 2012
Photographer - Karim Sadli
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British Vogue - February 2012
Photographer - Daniel Jackson
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In an interview with T Magazine, Nescher addresses the age disparity between herself and some of her younger compatriots "The clients say it's great to have someone who's older, who's a woman, and not a child anymore. But it's also not all about age. I'm there to sell something. Of course, it's nice for girls to grow up in this business from the beginning, but I don't really understand why they have to be very, very young." Nescher however remains diplomatic and unaffected in her discussions with T Magazine, "I don't want to say I'm wiser. It's just about personality. I've spoken to a lot of girls who are 19, and actually they're very interesting because of their experience travelling and the time they've spent just being alone. But, for clients, what I'm doing is about respect; it's a pleasure to walk for them. It's about teamwork for me. It's not just about wearing clothes; it's about acting, it's about editorial. It's about being in the moment and understanding what the client wants." With Nescher's womanly allure, mature outlook and her insights into the machinations of the fashion industry, it's no wonder industry pundits are enamoured by both her physical and cerebral qualities.

Backstage at Celine
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Top of the Town
Photographer - Chi Chi Saito
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