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Exclusive Interview - Nicole Hofman

Dutch model Nicole Hofman carved up the international show circuit during her debut at the Spring/Summer 2010 collections with an impeccable show list which included appearances at Burberry Prorsum, Prada, Givenchy, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo, and Dries Van Noten amongst others. The statuesque 180 cm blue-eyed brunette led the charge of Dutch newcomers dominating fashion's runways that season amidst a deluge of industry fanfare. Twenty year old Hofman was initially discovered at age fourteen while shopping at Ikea, and has been modelling full-time for the past two years. Currently based in Sydney, Australia, Hofman is busily building up her editorial tear sheets and biding time for her imminent return to the runways of the major fashion capitals. I ran into Hofman recently at the Fashion Palette fittings in Sydney and was immediately transfixed by her elegant runway perfect proportions, her warm engaging smile, and most of all by her incredible presence both on and off the catwalk. Since her auspicious debut at the Spring/Summer 2010 collections, Hofman has grown into her looks exhibiting a womanly confidence that is relatable and refreshing, with the best still yet to come. Hofman took time out during Australian Fashion Week to chat exclusively with Inoubliable Model Army about her time in Australia, the benefits of shopping at Ikea, and the thrill of booking Prada and Burberry Prorsum in tandem.

Nicole Hofman
Photographer - Unknown
Image courtesy of Priscillas Model Management

Inoubliable Model Army (IMA): Hi Nicole, thank you for chatting with Inoubliable Model Army. You have been on IMA's radar since your spectacular debut at the Spring/Summer 2010 collections where you walked for the who's who of fashion royalty. What are your recollections of that first season and were you taken by surprise by the industry's response?
NH: Hello! Yes, I was really surprised. You never know how the response will be, so I was elated with the way it went and my booker from my mother agency came with me because I was still young so that was really nice.

IMA: Can you fill us in on a bit of your backstory?
NH: I'm from a small town in Holland called Eemnes. I'm 20 years old and I've been modelling since I was 14. I have been modelling full-time now for the past two years.

IMA: How were you initially discovered and had you considered modelling prior to being scouted?
NH: I was still going to school when I was scouted. School was my main priority at the time. I got scouted in Ikea. I was shopping for a desk and came home instead with a number for an agency. Funny how things work out!

IMA: You're currently in Sydney, Australia, where you are represented by Priscillas Model Management. What brings you to Australia and are you enjoying your time here so far?
NH: Yes, I am! It's so nice here and the people are relaxed and a pleasure to work and hang out with. It was always a dream of mine to come to Australia, that's the nice thing about modelling - you get to see the world.

Burberry Prorsum - S/S 2010
Photographer - Marcio Madeira
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Givenchy - S/S 2010
Photographer - Monica Feudi
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Prada - S/S 2010
Photographer - Marcio Madeira
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IMA: You've appeared in some impressive editorials for Flair, Stella, Grazia France, as well as landing the covers of the French and Dutch editions of Elle and B Magazine. What aspects of editorial work do you enjoy the most and have you grown accustomed to seeing images of yourself in print?
NH: I remember the first time I saw myself in a magazine, it's really weird seeing yourself in print but cool as well. You never really get used to seeing yourself in magazines though! I really like working for magazines with a team, having fun, and shooting nice pictures.

IMA: We met briefly during the Fashion Palette fittings which is a showcase for established and up & coming Australian design talent. What have been your general impressions so far of Australian fashion, and were there any looks that you wore during the Fashion Palette show that you would have loved to have worn off the runway?
NH: I loved all of my looks, every piece of clothing had something special but the outfit from the brand Twofolded was my favourite. The top I wore was so pretty!

IMA: You debuted during the Spring/Summer 2010 in London at Burberry Prosum before landing a Prada exclusive in Milan! What was involved in the casting processor Prada and was it a nerve wracking process waiting to find out if you had been confirmed?
NH: Prior to the Burberry show I was in Milan for castings including for Prada, but then I found out I had a fitting for Burberry so I had to go to London. I appeared in the Burberry show and then returned to Milan and found out I was doing the Prada show as well. I was so happy! It was nice that I didn't have time to think about it because I was so caught up in doing the Burberry show.

IMA: Modelling is an incredibly fickle industry with models falling in and out of favour from season to season. How do you cope with this aspect of the industry and do you plan to return to the international show circuit in the near future?
NH: Ups & downs happen to everybody, that's life I guess but I try to stay myself and I work really hard in order to get better with everything I do. I hope to try the show circuit again but have no definite plans as yet.

Comeback Kid
Photographer - Unknown
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Nicole Hofman
Image courtesy of Priscillas Model Management

Stella - April 2011
Image courtesy of Priscillas Model Management

IMA: You were catapulted into the spotlight via your Prada exclusive appearance which led to more blue chip bookings during the Spring/Summer 2010 season. What are your thoughts on the power of exclusives and their ability to make or break a new model's career?
NH: It can go both ways, you never know in this industry...

IMA: What are the most valuable insights that you have gained as a result of your modelling experiences and what advice would you offer to young girls hoping to pursue a freer in modelling?
NH: Enjoy every minute if it. It only happens once in a lifetime. Stay yourself and don't let anyone tell you you're not good enough. Keep believing in yourself and everything else will fall into place :-).

IMA: Dutch models have been in constant demand over the past few years. What do you feel are the factors which have contributed to the popularity of Dutchies amongst the elite fashion set?
NH: Maybe it's because the Dutch are so tall? Haha... I think also because Dutch people are really down to earth and nice to work with.

IMA: What are your long term modelling goals and are your plans for the future?
NH: I just switched agencies in New York. I'm represented by New York Model Management. After Sydney, I want to go to New York for a couple of months.

IMA: Are there any misconceptions about models or the industry that you would like to set straight?
NH: It's hard work and it's so not the same as "America's Next Top Model".

IMA: What makes you "Inoubliable" (Unforgettable)?
NH: I always smile, people always tell me that. For me, it's the ultimate compliment.

Grazia France - April 2012
Photographer - Unknown
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Flair Magazine - November 2010
Photographer - Jean Francois Campos
Source -

Dutch Elle - April 2010
Photographer -
Source -

B Magazine - S/S 2010
Photographer - Unknown
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